It also includes

Treatment Plan

Your custom aligner treatment plan

Get a customized treatment plan from a Specialized team showing how beautiful your teeth will look after the aligner treatment.


Your case supervised by our Dental experts

Your case will be reviewed, planned and approved by a dental expert who is experienced in aligner treatment.


Support from our Smile Specialists Team

ALIGNERCO strictly believes in competency and high standards that is why we are always there to answer any questions you might have about the process.


Our Guarantee

100% money back if later our experts determine that you are not a right candidate.

4 reviews for SmileFlex

  1. William Wilkerson

    I am on week 6 of my SmilePath’s Clear Aligners journey and I am loving my clear aligners so far! The customer service is absolutely amazing. Very excited for the final results. Would definitely recommend SmilePath to all of you!

  2. Jesus Graves

    I have just ordered my SmilePath clear aligners, but I can already predict a beautiful journey. I had a few issues with getting my dental impressions right, when Team SmilePath reached out to me helped me till the end patiently, until I got my impressions absolutely perfect. So excited to see how my journey goes with them further. Waiting to see my final results!

  3. Priscilla Mclaughlin

    For me, straightening my teeth was a fun journey and this couldn’t have been possible without SmilePath. The aligners perfectly fit my teeth and were extremely comfortable. I couldn’t even feel them after a few days. The customer service is also friendly and supportive, they will answer all your queries very quickly. Thank you SmilePath for making my smile journey so convenient!

  4. Peggy Vasquez

    SmilePath is totally recommendable! I am on week 10 of my SmilePath Clear Aligners Treatment and there have been no issues so far. The customer service is very patient and friendly. Overall, great experience so far!

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