It also includes

Treatment Plan

Your custom aligner treatment plan

Get a customized treatment plan from a Specialized team showing how beautiful your teeth will look after the aligner treatment.


Your case supervised by our Dental experts

Your case will be reviewed, planned and approved by a dental expert who is experienced in aligner treatment.


Support from our Smile Specialists Team

ALIGNERCO strictly believes in competency and high standards that is why we are always there to answer any questions you might have about the process.


Our Guarantee

100% money back if later our experts determine that you are not a right candidate.

12 reviews for SmileFlex Easy

  1. Surafeal Cox

    For someone who is intimidated by the dentist and orthodontist, at home teeth straightening kits offer a reprieve! SmilePath is fantastic! The quality of the aligners, the packaging, it’s all top notch. The best part is, you don’t feel you are wearing the aligners. The quality of the aligners from SmilePath more than makes up the value you are getting. HIGHLY Recommend.

  2. SmilePath Team

    Dear Mr. Cox

    We appreciate you taking the time to leave us a detailed and appreciative review. We feel privileged to be a part of your SmileJourney and cannot wait to see the final results!

    Best Regards,

  3. William Walsh

    I am in my fourth week of aligners and I have noticed that I no longer do any snacking. I think this treatment helps to build good habits while improving ones smile. Recommend.

  4. Ngan Morris

    Finding Smile Path has truly been a blessing in my life! I used to have perfectly straight teeth, till age and babies got the best of them. They started shifting and changing after I had my first baby (9 years ago) and only got worse from there. I have been extreamly self conscious and not confident in my smile at all! I was so ready for a change!Loving Smile Path! I am only 13 weeks in, and am seeing a huge difference in my teeth! I know I’m not the only one either, I get comments from my friends and family all the time!
    Not only are they affordable, I practically don’t even remember they are there! They feel great, and are so easy to maintain! I was worried when I first started that they were going to be a big chore, but I got used to the routine pretty quick. I am so grateful to Smile Path and look forward to the next couple of months for my complete transformation! I highly recommend choosing SmilePath! Thank you, for giving me my smile back!

  5. Miao Bell

    Hi Smile Path Team,
    My experience with your products and your customer service team have been nothing short of exceptional. I did not think my teeth could be fixed but at the halfway point of my treatment, I am already seeing amazing results. Lastly, every time I need assistance, I am greeted with a positive attitude and efficient solutions from your team. Would HIGHLY recommend your company to anyone looking for aligners.

  6. George Campbell

    Would definitely recommend SmilePath to all of you! Everything from the aligners to the customer service is just perfect! The customer service is so attentive and helpful and I am very happy that I chose SmilePath!

  7. Josefina Underwood

    My smile journey with SmilePath has been simple and convenient. There is absolutely no discomfort in wearing them all day long and often I don’t even realise if I am wearing them or not. Can already see a great difference. Highly suggest SmilePath!

  8. Sonja Joseph

    If you want to get your clear aligners treamtent done by professionals and yet don’t want to pay much, SmilePath is the one! My entire teeth straightneing journey with SmilePath has been nothing but convenient! Would definitely recommend this company to all friends and family.

  9. Myrtle Bell

    In the 5th week of SmilePath clear aligners and can already see a great difference. Love the journey so far. Definitely would recommend to all of you. The customer service is also awesome, always there to help. Can’t see the end results!

  10. Alexis Bryan

    It is a very fast, easy and simple process to get your clear aligners with SmilePath! I received the aligners on time in a well packaged box. The customer service was always prompt to answer. Also, if you research, SmilePath offers one of the most affordable payment plans. I am so happy with my smile! Thank you Team SmilePath!

  11. Christie Morris

    Although it’s just the first week of my teeth straightening journey with SmilePath, I can already say it is the best option for your smile journey. The price, we all know, is absolutely amazing and the quality of the aligners is equally great!

  12. James Lyons

    I am so glad I could find an affordable option like SmilePath and be happy with the results. The entire process was extremely simple and the customer service was also very helpful and patient. Absolutely satisfied with the end results, thank you Team SmilePath!

  13. Erik Bates

    I am amazed by the results so far! The customer service is always around to help and answer all of my questions. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for an affordable teeth straightening option with great aligners and service.

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