How to Avoid Unnecessary Tooth Damage


You only get a single set of teeth in your adult life, and that’s that. Once they’ve fallen out, you’re not going to miraculously grow any more back. How well you take care of your teeth throughout your life will determine just how long you get to keep hold of those adult teeth through the years. It’s good to know what in life might put your teeth at risk of damage or decay. It is about knowing what ways are the best when it comes to preventing unnecessary damage to your teeth. Below are just a few tips on how you can avoid these hazards and to better take care of the teeth you do have.

Potential Problems

There can be potentially many problems that can happen when it comes to your teeth, just like any other part of your body. This might include; tooth decay by not brushing your teeth properly, knocked-out teeth that have perhaps been caused due to a sports accident or an accident on the road, teeth grinding is a common problem for those who do it during their sleep, and cracked teeth can be caused by biting down on something hard enough to cause those cracks.

Being aware of these potential problems is useful, but there are still plenty of ways to help tackle the issue at hand. Here are some solutions to these potential problems.

Keep Proper Dental Hygiene Habits

Poor dental hygiene is what causes unnecessary tooth hazards. There are plenty of tips to keep your teeth in good hygiene and one of which is by using SmilePath Clear Aligners. When food gets stuck in crooked teeth, it can be something you need to be active about removing so that it doesn’t contribute to the decaying of your teeth. By straightening your teeth, you’re making sure that less food gets stuck between teeth themselves. Brushing regularly, at least twice a day is also advised to keep your teeth in good shape.

It’s worth considering floss and mouthwash as extra steps to look after your teeth. These extra stages are going to help remove any additional debris or food from your mouth that your toothbrush has missed with flossing. Mouth wash also contributes to disinfecting your mouth, especially the tongue, which is where most of the bacteria can prevail.

Watch What You Eat

It’s always good to take caution of what you eat because the main purpose of our teeth is to help chew food up enough to swallow it easily. While our teeth may be very strong and designed to chew a wide variety of foods, they’re not impenetrable to damage. Some food types might cause teeth to become chipped or cracked, and a lot of foods can also end up pulling out fillings bit by bit. It’s important to look after your teeth by watching what you eat. There are hard or sticky foods that might do more damage than good, so it’s worth avoiding them where you can.

When you’re eating food, if there’s something that’s too hard for you to bite into, then leave it. Rather than trying to bite down, it’s worth not challenging your teeth because you might end up doing severe damage to them otherwise.

Wear a Night Guard

You may think that when you’re sleeping you are exempt from doing any damage to your teeth or causing any tooth hazards. Well, you’re wrong, as tooth grinding can be a common cause of tooth damage. This can expose nerves and cause more sensitivity than normal. You may also notice that this happens more if your teeth are misaligned or if you’re stressed out. Either way, it can cause a fair bit of wearing on your teeth, which won’t contribute anything beneficial to your teeth’s overall health.

With that being said, it’s definitely worth considering a night guard. These can be great for putting into your mouth before you go to bed and then taking them out in the morning. It will help prevent you from grinding your teeth in your sleep so that when you wake up there is no discomfort. They are affordable and won’t cause you much hassle once you’ve gotten used to having them in your mouth.

Wear a Sports Guard

And finally, last but certainly not the least, there can be unnecessary tooth hazards that can be avoided by simply wearing an athletic sports guard. Some sports can be particularly dangerous which involve impact and collision risks. Whatever sport you do play, it’s always worth wearing a sports guard to protect your teeth just in case. You would hope that nothing as bad as losing teeth would happen on the field or during a sport, but there have been, in fact, many occasions and more dangerous accidents that have happened. It’s important that in order to protect your teeth, wearing a sports guard from the beginning of your sports activity or match to the very end is crucial.

Sports guards are easy on the pocket and can offer that extra barrier between your teeth and whatever might be coming at you. Whether that’s a ball or person, it’s better to have protective gear on your teeth than to not have it at all.

Like mouth guards you wear at night, it might be a little uncomfortable or strange to begin with, but you soon get used to it. If you’re not already wearing a sports guard during sports, then now is the time to purchase one or two to have in your sports bag.

Smile Path clear aligners can be just one useful way of protecting your teeth, as well as straightening them out if they’ve become crooked, no matter what your age is. Tooth damage is common for many individuals, and so it’s important to take the steps mentioned above to ensure your teeth remain sturdy for as long as possible.