Do Clear Braces Hurt?


Table of contents

  1. What Are Clear Braces?
  2. How Much Do Braces Cost?
  3. Teeth Straightening Process With Clear Braces
  4. Do Clear Braces Hurt?
  5. Tips For Handling the Pain
    1. Watch What You Eat
    2. Find Pain Relief
  6. Benefits of Choosing Clear Braces
    1. Gentle Adhesive
    2. Comfortable
    3. Appearance
    4. No Limit to Meals
  7. Get Straighter Teeth With SmilePath

Ever considered getting clear braces to align your teeth?

About 62% of Australians desire proper orthodontic treatment, including braces. Instead of going for the traditional type, consider getting more discreet braces.

In this guide, we’ll tell you all about clear braces and what to do when the clear braces hurt. Read on to learn the processes, costs, and benefits.

What Are Clear Braces?

Clear braces are alternatives to the traditional types of braces. They offer a less obvious design, making them a popular choice. This type of braces works well with adults who want something different from metal or coloured braces.

Clear braces come in different materials:

Cheaper versions of clear brace materials can lead to sunk costs. It will be a waste of investment with no improvement to our teeth. It’s important to find an orthodontist with high-quality materials for clear braces.

How Much Do Braces Cost?

Clear braces or non-traditional braces are more expensive compared to traditional braces. The cost difference can reach up to AUD 1,000 to AUD 2,000. The amount can change depending on an individual’s case and dental insurance.

Teeth Straightening Process With Clear Braces

Like traditional braces, clear braces get attached to each tooth and connects with a wire. With careful placement, the orthodontist can manipulate the teeth in any direction. Pulling it in a certain direction will push each tooth into proper alignment.

The treatment typically takes 18 to 24 months before removing the braces. However, some brands give faster treatments due to our present technology.

Patients can choose to connect the clear brackets with either a metal or white wire. White archwires are more costly, but they make the braces less noticeable.

The teeth straightening process starts with an initial examination and consultation. The orthodontist will ask for an X-ray to check the position of the teeth. We will discuss your dental oral history and guide your treatment decisions.

The next step is cleaning the teeth and finding the best fit to prevent clear braces pain. We use dental cement to hold the teeth to the clear brackets. The teeth will be properly polished, primed, and air-dried before placing the brackets.

The whole process can take up less than 20 minutes when fitting the dental braces. Don’t forget to go for monthly check-ups to change the braces and fix the wire.

If you don’t like the feeling of braces, we also offer direct services for aligners.

Do Clear Braces Hurt?

Braces and aligners force the teeth into new positions using a wire or hard plastic tray 24/7. Feeling sore teeth or mild pain is a common feeling for the first few days. If there wasn’t any discomfort for the first days, then the treatment may not be working.

Biting changes slowly as an individual’s teeth move with new braces. Chewing will also put pressure on the teeth that aren’t accustomed to pressure. This will make it more difficult for an individual to eat, chew, drink, and swallow.

Tips For Handling the Pain

How should we help lessen the pain when our clear braces hurt? Here are some tips.

Watch What You Eat 

The discomfort and pain may discourage many to eat certain foods. It can be even more painful if patients choose to eat foods that need a substantial amount of chewing. Although it gets easier to deal with braces, it’s best to be careful when choosing foods.

Stray clear from hard foods, such as biscuits, ice, and nuts. Chewy foods should also be slightly limited, like bagels, candies, and cereal bars.

Limit crunchy and acidic foods that may change the colour of the clear braces. Go for soft foods, such as cereals, soup, and mashed potatoes.

Find Pain Relief

Over-the-counter pain medicine helps with the uncomfortable feeling for the first few days. Be careful with the dosages and read the instructions on the medicine.

Ice packs are another way to numb the pain and reduce inflammation. Place the ice pack on the outside of the mouth to give pain relief. Ice cold water is another option to relieve discomfort and pain.

Warm rinsing can also do the trick, especially with a warm salt water rinse. Gargling with salt water will heal cuts or sores in your mouth. It will wash away any debris stuck on the gums or braces.

Benefits of Choosing Clear Braces

Clear braces have a few advantages over other types of teeth straightening. The costs, how they feel, the style, and its durability are a few benefits. Why should you pick clear braces when other dental surgeries are available?

Here are some of the best benefits of clear braces:

Gentle Adhesive 

Clear braces use a much gentler type of adhesive to stick the brackets onto your teeth. Most orthodontists make use of epoxy adhesive. The adhesives lessen damages, protecting the individual’s teeth enamel.


We assure you that clear braces feel more comfortable compared to metal braces. Many patients report that metal brackets scratch their mouth. They would have to use waxless to try to overcome the discomfort.


One of the main reasons why may get attached to clear braces is the appearance. Since they are less noticeable, it’s a popular choice for teens and adults. We encourage the confidence that patients get when using clear braces.

No Limit to Meals

Most clear braces have a design that can get removed when you eat. This means there are no limitations to eating certain food items. You can eat any meal without having to damage your braces.

Meals are a bit more different when choosing to get fixed clear braces. There are more limitations since some foods can damage braces, like tapioca pearls.

Clear aligners hurt lesser than braces

Get Straighter Teeth With SmilePath

Are you considering getting clear braces? We can help you get clear braces at home and help you when the clear braces hurt.

Get straighter teeth with clear braces or a clear aligner! Get in touch, and we’ll help you settle for the best braces or aligners for you.

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